Ep 46: Clean Shaves & Smooth Transitions ft. Alex Rodriguez (Marine Veteran/entrepreneur)

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It’s been a while folks. Thanks for sticking with the show and checking on me, but I’m back after a short hiatus. I was able to overcome Guillain-Barré syndrome and get my dancing legs back. For today’s show, we are joined by Marine Veteran and entrepreneur Alex Rodriguez. He owns our newest sponsor El Catrin Barber-Shave Parlor located in Carrollton, TX; schedule an appointment today by calling (972) 416-7828. Alex takes us on a deep dive on what it was like being part of the Marines during 9/11 and the road that led him to opening up his own business. We talk about the struggles Veterans have and the way Alex was able to transition. Like, share, subscribe, and as always remember to #FeedYourMentalHealth.


El Catrin Barber-Shave Parlor (Facebook)

El Catrin Barber-shave Parlor (Instagram)

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Ep 45: René the Broken: Part 2 of my Hospitalization

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My official diagnosis was Guillain-Barré and this episode discusses what that means. I also talk about the how I learned to walk again, and I can’t confirm or deny it was due to the frustration of “advocating for my self”.  If you’re an occupational or physical therapist, I will always love you. Like, share, subscribe, and as always remember to feed your mental health.

rene hospital

Factsheet about Guillain-Barré

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Ep 43: Boundaries 101

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Boundaries is a topic that comes out often in both my personal life and private practice. It’s not something we have a class about, but its something that could possibly save our lives. They can come in different types such as rigid or loose, but the goal is to set heathy and appropriate boundaries so that we can continue to grow in an empowering way. Like, share, subscribe and as always remember to #FeedYourMentalHealth.


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What are personal boundaries? How do I get some?

Ep 42: Finding Power in Words ft Linda Jones

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Sometimes you meet people who you instantly want to know more about. Author, editor, and writing coach Linda Jones fits into that category unequivocally. She’s known as the Writing Doula and the work she does in that role is fueled by amazing life experiences. For those looking in the power of creativity in growth, you’ll love this episode. Like, share, subscribe, and as always remember to #FeedYourMentalHealth.


The Writing Doula Website

Nappy Hair Affair

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Ep 39: Undocumented Therapy ft. Rafael Martinez (PhD candidate and co-creator of the Undocutalks Podcast)

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I have been hyping up this episode for weeks now and I promise it delivers. I’m joined by Undocutalks co-creator and PhD candidate Rafael Martinez. He explains his personal story of coming to this country as an undocumented minor and the path leading him to higher education. Rafa also gives us an intimate look at the creation of the Undocutalks podcast and it’s mission to give a voice to the undocumented community. Like, share, subscribe, and as always remember to #FeedYourMentalHealth.


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Ep 38: Yoga, Trauma, & Tarot Cards ft. Dr. Evan Bodine (Psychologist)

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The Chubby Therapy cave has temporarily been turned into an infirmary as I battle this cold. Thankfully, I recorded this show a few weeks back and I’m really pumped for this release. Dr. Evan Bodine is a psychologist locally in the DFW area and she shares her journey entering the mental health world. Listen how she incorporates yoga in her work with her clients as well as her passion for trauma. Like share, subscribe, and as always remember to #FeedYourMentalHealth.


Dr. Evan Bodine’s Practice

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Ep 37: Buy Less Flowers & Have More Intimacy / A Conversation About Sex & Love ft. Pam Smith LPC

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Love is all around us right now and due to our obsession with Valentine’s Day, our romantic relationships are in the spotlight. This week, we are joined by Pam Smith LPC, a therapist located in the DFW area who specializes in relationships, sexual trauma, and works extensively with other topics for females. She was an absolute joy to talk to and the way she breaks down intimacy and love was poetic. I think you’ll really enjoy this show. Like, share, subscribe, and as always remember to #FeedYourMentalHealth.


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Pam’s Website


Ep 35: Adjustments Aren’t Only Mental ft. Dr. Aanchal Bhatia-Mendoza (Chiropractor)

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It’s our first show of 2019 and we need to do some adjustments. Today we sit down with Dr. Aanchal Bhatia-Mendoza and she explains her work as a Chiropractor. We talk about topics like the relationship between mind and body, stress reduction, pain management, and so much more. Like, share, subscribe, and as always remember to #FeedYourMentalHealth.


206 and Me (Dr. Bhatia-Mendoza’s Website)

Dr. Aanchal Bhatia-Mendoza’s Instagram

GOAL Program Recent Tragedy

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forever goal

For those that have been with me since the relaunch, one of the more popular episodes we had was #29 with Chris Ice on Cultural Mentoring. If you haven’t heard the episode, please do. You’ll quickly hear his passion for working with youth and creating an environment where they strive. Unfortunately, two of it’s members passed away this past week in the North Texas area. They were brothers Daniel (14) & Diego (17) Rivera. I am asking you to please consider donating to the gofundme page below to assist the family in any expenses that may arise. Any amount would be greatly appreciated.

Daniel & Diego’s Donation Page

Ep 34: Cuffing Season ft. Eboni Harris MA LPC LMFT

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It’s our final episode of 2018! Today we sit down with an old pal Eboni Harris MA LPC LMFT to discuss Cuffing Season. The weather has gotten chilly and you want someone to warm up with, but at what cost? This was a FUN episode to record and I know you’ll love it too. Like, share, subscribe, and as always remember to #FeedYourMentalHealth.

Eboni Harris- RFR Sweatshirt

Eboni Harris MS LPC LMFT

Room for Relations

Melanin & Mental Health

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