Ep 46: Clean Shaves & Smooth Transitions ft. Alex Rodriguez (Marine Veteran/entrepreneur)

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It’s been a while folks. Thanks for sticking with the show and checking on me, but I’m back after a short hiatus. I was able to overcome Guillain-Barré syndrome and get my dancing legs back. For today’s show, we are joined by Marine Veteran and entrepreneur Alex Rodriguez. He owns our newest sponsor El Catrin Barber-Shave Parlor located in Carrollton, TX; schedule an appointment today by calling (972) 416-7828. Alex takes us on a deep dive on what it was like being part of the Marines during 9/11 and the road that led him to opening up his own business. We talk about the struggles Veterans have and the way Alex was able to transition. Like, share, subscribe, and as always remember to #FeedYourMentalHealth.


El Catrin Barber-Shave Parlor (Facebook)

El Catrin Barber-shave Parlor (Instagram)

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