Chubby Therapy – Episode 4: PTSD & Military Personnel featuring Dr. Ross Stewart

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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder , or PTSD as it’s more commonly known, has become a household term. You’ve probably heard about it or even know someone who has experienced it, but few of us really know the impact it has on the human body or psyche.

I have a strong opinion about the need for psychological health services, and for military personnel I feel it is vital. Very few of us know the extent at which these men and women go through during their service and more importantly the lives to which they return. I want to be clear, as it is in the episode, this is not a political issue. The care of one human over another is absurd. This is as a specific population, as any other, who needs specialized care.

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Dr. Ross Stewart, founder of the Brain and Body Wellness Center, brings over 40 years of experience in various fields regarding mental and physical health. Below are ways to get in touch with him:

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Here are some resources if you know of any service men or women who are in need of help:
Support for Women Veterans
Military Veteran Peer Network

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